Nomads of the Fallen Star v1.05-DELiGHT

Título: Nomads of the Fallen Star
Gênero: Indie, RPG, Simulação, Estratégia
Desenvolvedor: Huy Phan
Publicador: Huy Phan
Data de lançamento: 31/jan/2019
Tamanho: 176 MB
  • Set on a distant uncharted & hostile planet, where descendants of a colony fleet that struck disaster have clung on to survive until the eventual rescue. However, decades later, without contact from the fleet, the growing colonies have begun skirmishes over limited resources.

    A full blown war of conquest looms on the horizon that could risk humanity’s fragile existence on this harsh new world.

    As the chaos approaches, you take the role as the leader of a rag-tag bunch of scavengers / mercenaries. Your goal is to scavenge, trade, sabotage, hunt, fight and help conquer your way to fame and glory.

    Along the journey, you will meet allies that will join in the struggle to survive the wasteland, and perhaps together, you can unravel the mystery on the origins of the colony and change the fate of all those who call this barren world home.

    Key Features:

    • An intelligent economic simulation creates opportunities for emergent gameplay, where the world reacts to player actions or inaction. A world where your choices matters as the factions try to survive and wage wars of conquest.
    • A competitive design where other groups of free scavengers roam the world seeking the same opportunities to exploit as the player. Want those precious advanced alloys from the recent fallen space debris? Or that lucrative trade request? So do others, and they will not appreciate your rag-tag gang interfering.
    • Factions will raise militia armies to defend or raid and conquer their enemies. Each recruit needs to be equipped and supplied, including basics such as munitions, without which, their guns will fall silent in battle.
    • Mercenary contracts that carry consequences. Be it clearing raiders for a faction to help their economy grow, or sabotage their enemy’s outposts to cripple their war capability.
    • Equip your squad with many different weapons, each providing a unique balance and tactical options. Train their combat skills as they gain levels, and specialize them further with a selection of many perks.
    • Hunt the xenobeasts on this hostile world and use their skin, carapace, and organs in crafting useful items and armor.
    • An epic sci-fi story awaits, along with side-quests and random encounters.


      • SO: Windows 10
      • Processador: Core 2 Duo
      • Memória: 4 GB de RAM
      • Placa de vídeo: Intel/AMD iGPU
      • DirectX: Versão 9.0
      • Armazenamento: 500 MB de espaço disponível
      • Placa de som: Any
      • Outras observações: Native 1080p, up/down-scale at 16:9 ratio.
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